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Kendo in Kirovograd

On November 21, 2009, Kiev Kendo Federation delegates chaired by KKF president Hiroki Godai had visited Kirovograd city in order to present the citizens the martial art Kendo. The visit was started with ticker-tape reception by Mayor of Kirovograd Volodymyr Puzakov, who visited presentation too. For demonstration was furnished the equipped gymnasium where martial arts were practiced for many years.… read more →

18th ToruGiga 2009

17 - 20 September, in Prague it was eighteenth annual tournament  on Toru Giga cup. 150 people from 14 countries of the world was taking part in the seminar and tournament. The Head of the seminar and the main judge of tournament ,honor, Hiroshi Ozawa has been appointed, who has 7th dan kendo now, and senseis from Japan and Europe… read more →
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