Kendo in Kirovograd

On November 21, 2009, Kiev Kendo Federation delegates chaired by KKF president Hiroki Godai had visited Kirovograd city in order to present the citizens the martial art Kendo.

The visit was started with ticker-tape reception by Mayor of Kirovograd Volodymyr Puzakov, who visited presentation too. For demonstration was furnished the equipped gymnasium where martial arts were practiced for many years. Makiwaras, punching bag, different training equipment and burnished floor, all of this bring pleasant ambience of old, power-saturated dojo.

During performance KKF members demonstrated Kendo basic elements. They have presented classic and recent-developed kata, basic broad and advanced quick techniques, jodan-no kamae techiques and demonstrated some shiai – fights referees. After the demonstration and short break there was training together with kendoists from Cherkasy who also arrived to Kirovograd.

Among visitors, who came to see demonstration were instructor of sport clubs and sportsmen, what indicates the increase of the interest to Japanese culture and particularly Kendo among people.

Sincere greetings for Kiev kendoists were said in speech of honored guests of the presentation – Director of the Kirovograd Region State Administration Department for Physical Culture and Sports Serhiy Kolodyazhny and Chairman of the Department of Ukrainian National Olympic Committee in Kirovograd Region, Honored veteran of  Physical Culture and Sports of Ukraine Volodymyr Kovalyov.

Kiev Kendo Federation sincerely thanks initiators and sponsors of the event for welcome and their interest and we expect that this meeting will initiate further productive cooperation.

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