Kendo in Moldova

In Kishinev, the capital of Moldova, took place the ceremonial presentation of kendo equipment from the All Japan Kendo Federation to the representatives of the Moldova Kendo Federation on 2d April 2010.

Such assistance is provided for many countries by AJKF in order to promote Kendo in the world. It is worth saying that Moldovans have already received the equipment for the second time, which speaks about high Japanese hopes in them.

Japan’s cultural attache in Ukraine Shinichi Murai was authorized to present the equipment. The ceremony was held in the Kishinev Institute of Physical Education building, which was attended by Moldovan Deputy Minister of Sports, Director of the Institute of Physical Education, and representatives of the Kiev Kendo Federation, including its president Godai Hiroki, and vice president Falyeyev Roman.

After the ceremony, Moldavian kendokas performed a short demonstration, and showed the basic techniques and free match – jigeiko. Then a demonstrative mini-team bout was held between Moldova and Ukraine and a half-hour jigeiko.

After the official part, the Japanese, Moldovan and Ukrainian went to the cafe, where at a light lunch they could discuss various issues related to kendo, Moldavian life and national cuisine.

The day before, Moldovans and Ukrainians hold a joint training. One should underline some differences between our training programs, for example Kishinev paid more attention to the basics, including suburi. And one day per week they practice kendo-kata.

KKF is thankful to the representatives of the Republic of Moldova for the warm welcome and assistance. During intercourse both Ukrainian and Moldovan side expressed willingness to cooperate in the future and conduct joint activities. We hope that this friendship will be fruitful and helpful for the development of kendo in Ukraine and Moldova.

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