Seeking alpha

On October, 27 2010 representatives of L’viv and Mukachevo Kendo clubs had a very unusual joint training under the guiding of Mr. Hideki Kurokawa (秀樹黒川), 5 dan Kendo. (more…) read more →

The spring KKF Exam. Resume.

The annual spring KFK exam took place in №1 hall on 18th April. The level of candidates was estimated by the certification commission in the structure of two senseis: Godai Hiroki ( KKF President) and Murai Shinichi (the Second Secretary of Embassy of Japan in  Ukraine, the chairman of technical committee on KKF, iaido and jodo in Ukraine). 30 counterparts… read more →

Kendo in Moldova

In Kishinev, the capital of Moldova, took place the ceremonial presentation of kendo equipment from the All Japan Kendo Federation to the representatives of the Moldova Kendo Federation on 2d April 2010. (more…) read more →
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