Kendo and school

On January, 27 specialized school number 47 hosted a Kendo presentation for pupils of junior and middle school that was organized by joint initiative of the school’s management and Federation of Kendo, Iaido, and Jodo of Ukraine. The purpose of the event was acquaintance of children with Kendo and intention to build a foundation for development and popularization or this… read more →


On December, 29 2010 Lviv Club of Kendo, Iaido and Jodo performed a demonstration of Kendo as a part of festive program of Bonenkai (忘年会 – literally “forget the year gathering” – traditional Japanese party, which takes place at the end of the year) that was organized by department of oriental studies of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv. (more…) read more →

Summing up the results of 2010

The old year goes away. This year was full with events, fulfilled with emotions, feelings, and victories. It was significant in many aspects for the Federation’s life, and, as a result, very demonstrative for Kendo development in Ukraine. (more…) read more →

Relations with Japan

President Hiroki Godai visited several cities in Japan and hold a meeting with Japanese Sensei in November 2010, in the frames of the Kendo, Iaido and Jodo Ukrainian Federation measures for strengthening international cooperation. In continuation of the agreements reached by the Secretary General R. Prilipko during the World Games in martial arts, Hiroki Godai met with the reigning world… read more →
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