The IV All-Ukrainian annual National Kendo Tournament Ambassador of Japan Cup

The IV All-Ukrainian annual National Kendo Tournament Ambassador of Japan Cup was held on the 3d October in Kyiv


Traditionally, the tournament began with welcome addresses and letters to participants of the tournament.

Before the tournament, Shinichi MURAI – Head of Information and Culture department of the Embassy of Japan in Ukraine made a speech.

Also SHEVLIAK Illia – President of the Sports Committee of Ukraine and Vladimir SAVCHENKO – Chairman of the Center for Japanese martial arts of Ukraine, President of Federation of Traditional Karate-do Ukraine addressed a welcoming speech.

Afterwards, a letter from the present Kendo World Champion Shoji TERAMOTO was read out:
“There is the concept of “utte hansei, utarete kansha” in kendo. That is, if you got ippon, you should self-critically analyze the mistakes, and think about ways of further refining this blow.

If ippon was taken by your opponent, you should think about mistakes and thank the opponent for their indication.

A similar study of people around you makes you stronger, but you should always evaluate themselves modestly.”

Similarly, letters of congratulations were read by Shimosato Wataru from Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies and President «KendoWorld» Michael KOMOTO.

And especially pleasant greetings were heard from Naohito Hijikata sensei, with whom we had the honor and pleasure to train during his previous visit to us during The III annual National Kendo Tournament Ambassador of Japan Cup:

“Dear Ukrainian kendoka!

Congratulations to the annual National Kendo Tournament Ambassador of Japan Cup.
So far I remember very well how you participated in this event.

I want to ask you to try next. Please, try to treat shiai and certification without excitement, just as your usual training. This is called “heijoushin” – one of the very important elements of kendo.

While usual training you need to train to the bones, but when you participate in competitions, you need to calm down, as if this is usual practice. It is not easy, but I’m sure that eventually you will achieve this.

I hope that you will learn a lot from this tournament.
I wish you all good luck!

Hijikata Naohito “

After that, the president of Kendo, Iaido and Jodo Federation of Ukraine, Mr. Hiroki GODAI declared the tournament open.

Traditionally individual and team competitions were conducted.


Winners in the individual standings are:

1 place: FEDCHUK Denis (2nd kyu, Kyiv);

2 nd place: METEL Mykhailo (2nd kyu, Kyiv);

3 place: FALEYEV Roman (2nd Dan, Kyiv).

Notably, the final battle was very intense and lasted about 15 minutes, during which the participants were encouraged with applause, but within the time, the confrontation was held in almost complete silence, broken by sharp final blow “kote”, that was done by Denis. The audience erupted with applause.


In the team competition, four teams participated: Kiev Kendo Federation team, ‘Ukraine-West’ team, the Kendo, Iaido and Jodo Federation of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Kendo Federation team with such lineup:

Kendo, Iaido and Jodo Federation of Ukraine
1. BUKAN Roman (3rd kyu)

2. METEL Mykhailo (2nd kyu)

3. FEDCHUK Denis (2nd kyu)

4. ARTEMENKO Alexander (2nd kyu)

5. FALEYEV Roman (2nd Dan)

Kiev Kendo Federation team

1. CHMYR Alexander (4th kyu)

2. SAVELYV Ivan (5th kyu)

3. CHUIKOV Ivan (3rd kyu)

4. MUSEVICH Vladimir (3rd kyu)

5. IENA Oleksiy (3rd kyu)

‘Ukraine-West’ team

1. SHARKO Evgenii (6th kyu)

2. KOKHANSKYY Igor (4th kyu)

3. KAMZALAKOV Oleg (6th kyu)

4. GAIDUK  Olexander (6th kyu)

5. GAVRYLYAK Imri (3rd kyu)

Ukrainian Kendo Federation

1. DERYD Volodymyr (2nd kyu)

2. ANTOSHECHKIN Dmytro (1st Dan)

3.  GLADYSH Sergiy (1st Dan)

4. KULIKOV Pavlo (1st Dan)

5. TRISHIN Oleg (2nd Dan)


Referees were very strict. They accepted only perfect strikes. So that most matches were very tight, because everyone wanted to earn ippon, but many matches ended in draw.

Команда победитель

As a result of difficult and hard struggle, the first place was won by the Kendo, Iaido and Jodo Federation of Ukraine.
The second place was given to the Ukrainian Kendo Federation team, the third to the Kiev Kendo Federation .

Iena Oleksiy and Sergei Gladysh were awarded the nomination of the competitive spirit.

Wushu Federation of Ukraine, Kiev Kendo Federation, YUFUKAN – Iaido dojo in Ukraine, the Cossack custom Brotherhood ‘SPAS’, Ukraine Pankration Athlima Federation gave exhibition shows during the breaks

At the end of the tournament the Ambassador of Japan to Ukraine Tadashi IZAWA awarded winners and made final speech.

Afterwards Boris TSYGANOK – the Director of the Ukrainian-Japanese Centre KPI took a final word.
The Kendo, Iaido and Jodo Federation of Ukraine expresses deep gratitude to participants and guests of the Championship.

We hope that the tournament has given a lot to each participant and contributed to the promotion of kendo in Ukraine.


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