Seeking alpha

On October, 27 2010 representatives of L’viv and Mukachevo Kendo clubs had a very unusual joint training under the guiding of Mr. Hideki Kurokawa (秀樹黒川), 5 dan Kendo.

Distant guest from Japan has visited L’viv on his way to Germany where he lives now. Using this great opportunity, Mr. Ihor Kokhanskyy from Lviv and Mr. Imri Gavrylyak from Mukachevo, as well as 8 other students from both cities did their best to learn from the wide experience of Kurokawa sensei.

During the training that began with a speech of the honoured guest, master gave a lot of essential instructions, which were translated in Ukrainian by Taras Mishak. In the opening, Mr. Kurokawa expressed a hope that keiko will be useful for all present practitioners and will help to improve their Kendo. During the work on Kendo kata, kihon, and mawarigeiko, students have heard a lot of helpful advices that were targeted to achieve this goal. In particular, we were astonished by the following words of Kurokawa sensei:

  • Don’t be loud. Do not make automatic moves. Relax. Put your kiai, your concentration, and your heart into your shinai. Speak with your shinai.
  • Kendo is not a sport. Kendo is not Iaido. You need a partner to practice Kendo. And your partner needs you. Don’t do egoistic Kendo.
  • Kendo is speed plus power and plus alpha. You can have no speed, no power, but with a little bit alpha you can win. What is alpha? Seek for alpha. When you find alpha, you can use it everywhere – in your work, in your relations, and in your life.
  • We were amazed by the brilliant technique of Mr. Kurokawa, but even more by his instructions that everyone received during the joint keiko, as well as with personal advices at the end of the training. In the closing speech, Kurokawa san expressed a regret that time has passed so quickly and stated that all the students improved their level a little bit.

    Representatives of L’viv and Mukachevo Kendo clubs are truly grateful to Kurokawa sensei for the lessons learned and hope to practice together and learn a Way of the Sword from him more than once. Also we want to thank Kyiv Kendo Federation for the support and help to organize this seminar in L’viv.

    Taras Mishak, L’viv

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