Hideki Kurokawa sensei seminar

Hideki Kurokawa sensei“Concentrate, follow the movement clearly, intelligently without haste.” This phrase was crucial to last Sunday’s seminar, which was led by Hideki Kurokawa sensei (秀樹黒川), 5 dan Kendo.

“Watch yourselves, body position, arms and legs. Keep the center. Monitor your shinai, concentrate on kensen.

Beginners and more experienced adepts made one raw and repeated the basic movements , from which kendo starts, and which slowly raises your spirit within repetition.

“Do not repeat the motion automatically, your every stroke must be deliberate and executed with the maximum concentration – Kurokawa sensei is constantly striving to focus our attention on of each word. Blow, pause, hit pause. “Watch shinai: kensen should be motionless! Do not use force, you should be relaxed and focused. “Blow, pause, hit, pause, man, kote, do.

The repetition of the basics, concentrating on every movement, all these exhaust not less than the physical exercise, but each member of the seminar, along with fatigue, increased understanding of kendo.
“You should not cry loudly, you should put kiai in you cry!”.
Blow, pause, punch, pause . 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours.
” What is Important in kendo – it’s your partner. Make ray right. Be genuinely grateful to your partner. Always look in his eyes. Watch his movements. ”


Sensei paid attention to each of us and everyone would keep his words in his soul as part of a simple wisdom of martial arts.

“I came to talk with you.” In kendo communication takes place through the shinai. Through the shinai in a fight you can show yourself, your level, learn an opponent. Sensei encouraged to “talk” instead of the endless series of senseless attacks without reaching goal. He called for dialogue, in which a clear, correct stroke is a decisive argument like in a good debate. Moreover you share with rival your knowledge and accept him.seminar2

“I started kendo at the age of seventeen, to change something in myselfself. Of the variety of martial arts, I realized that only kendo might change me. Keep track of the reasons why each of you started kendo, because eventually you will notice that these reasons will change, with each new step of your practice. ”


Thank you, Hideki Kurokawa sensei, for a memorable day and your wise guidance.
We are looking to meet you again and continue our “conversation”

Ivan Chuikov

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