Summing up the results of 2010

The old year goes away.

This year was full with events, fulfilled with emotions, feelings, and victories. It was significant in many aspects for the Federation’s life, and, as a result, very demonstrative for Kendo development in Ukraine.

This year First tournament of Summer League was held in the open air.

Летняя Лига КФК

First Iaido seminar under direction of Takashi KUROKI sensei impressed its participants and contributed to their development.

Куроки сенсей

Fourth All-Ukrainian Kendo Tournament for ‘Cup of Japan’s Ambassador’ was successfully carried out. It set a high hurdle for organization of similar events in Ukraine and demonstrated a high level of judging that shown that Kendo is Ippon. We are sincerely grateful for this to the judges of the Tournament and particularly to Shinichi MURAI sensei.




This year we even more strengthened the connections of the Federation with Japan, the country that originated Kendo and handed its traditions, teachings, requirements, and technique through many generations.

Representatives of the Federation visited the first World Martial Arts Games, where they had a meeting with FIK President Yoshimitsu TAKEYASU sensei and Kendo World president Michael KOMOTO sensei. During the meetings many wishes as well as words of support and true-hearted assurance in further cooperation were expressed and received.


We established connections with current world Kendo champion Shoji TERAMOTO sensei. Hiroki GODAI sensei, the President of the Federation, held a personal meeting with TERAMOTO sensei to discuss progress of Kendo development in Ukraine, level of Ukrainian Kendo practitioners, details of the training process, as well as agreed about further close cooperation.


Unforgettable events of the year were seminars under guiding of Hideki KUROKAWA sensei in Kyiv and L’viv. We remembered them not only for the technical side, but also for explanation of philosophical component of Kendo that sensei values very much. Significance of these seminars in life of all Kendo practitioners is confirmed by citing of its main ideas at trainings, in private communication, and even during discussions in social networks in the web.


After this year we became stronger, faster, and hardier in spite of numerous ordeals, traumas, and pain.

It should be mentioned that development of new team that shown good results during Winter League of KFK also became an important event of the year. As well as it should be mentioned about significant growth of regional Kendo clubs included to the Federation.

They all demonstrate and confirm the correct direction in methods of trainings, requirements and traditions that were studied by the Federation from Japanese Kendo schools.

We hope that New Year will be as fulfilled with events, and by summing up its results we will have an opportunity to have good memories and be proud for our Federation, colleagues, and Kendo in Ukraine.

We will be strong, we will be hardy, and we will keep and develop Kendo inside each of us. We wish strength and health to all Kendo practitioners and senseis.

Happy New Year!


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