The spring KKF Exam. Resume.

The annual spring KFK exam took place in №1 hall on 18th April.

The level of candidates was estimated by the certification commission in the structure of two senseis: Godai Hiroki ( KKF President) and Murai Shinichi (the Second Secretary of Embassy of Japan in  Ukraine, the chairman of technical committee on KKF, iaido and jodo in Ukraine).

30 counterparts form different regions of Ukraine (Kiev, Mukachevo, Lutsk, Lvov, Simferopol) took exam.

Аттестация. Весна 2010The general result: 18 kendokas ranked 6th kyu, 3 ranked 5th kyu, one kendoka managed to raise skills and ranked 4th kyu, 3 counterparts ranked 3rd kyu, and 1 kendoka ranked 2nd kyu.

After the exam Takashi Kuroki, who holds  the rank of 5th dan in Toho Iai (the President of  Nishio Budo YUFUKAN in Ukraine, the chairman of Technical committee on iaido and jodo in the Ukrainian Federation of kendo, iaido and jodo) carried out a seminar on studying iaido basics.Куроки сенсей

By this seminar Kuroki sensei initiated a series of seminars on iaido and jodo that will take place already in the near future.

Simultaneously, newcomers studied basics of kendo etiquette and the Japanese language in the other hall.

Upon completion took place a friendly tournament between the teams: 1) Kiev-East, 2) Kiev-West, 3) National team of the western region of the Kachinuki Sen scheme, in which all participants were able to test their strength and skills.


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