Kiev Kendo Federation – is a social, non-profit organization of sport orientation, the main purpose of which is the development  and popularization of kendo in Kiev and Ukraine.
Interest for kendo began to arise around 2000th year in Ukraine. At this time,  clubs were created in such cities as Donetsk, Lviv, Kharkiv, Kiev and others.

In september 2006, Kiev Kendo Federation (KKF) was officially registered. The president of KKF is Godai Hiroki Sensei – he is Japanese, and owner of the 3rd dan in kendo. The quantity of practicing kendo in Kiev Federation, despite such a short time of its existence, has already exceeded fifty people and continues to grow steadily. Today KKF is one of the most intensively developing organizations in Ukraine.

Federation cooperates actively with Embassy of Japan in Ukraine, the Japan Cultural Center, and other organizations and sports federations. On a regular  basis KKF organizes seminars, cultural events, with the purpose of development and popularization of kendo and Japanese culture in Ukraine.

Women’s team of KKF took part in the international women’s championship in Poland twice successfully.

Members of the KKF took part in different competitions and seminars in Europe and near abroad countries.

Often guests from abroad train at KKF dojo.  Among them are Japanese senseis who come to Ukraine on affairs.

Leadership of KKF provides a systematic work on the popularization of kendo in Ukraine through the media
The most important aims of KKF today are:

  • Further development of Kendo in Kiev;
  • Strengthening of relations and cooperation with organizations and clubs, which are involving in development of Kendo in the regions of Ukraine;
  • Deepening of relations with Japan and with All-Japan Kendo Federation in particular;
  • Cooperation with European Kendo Federation, and also with organizations  involved in the development of kendo in near abroad countries;
  • Working for creation of All-Ukrainian Kendo Federation and expanding its activity on the international level.
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